Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Car Theft hits our Neighborhood and stole our Laptop...You guys don't be cheap(I know this is long but stay with me.)

About 1 month ago me and Todd were awake at 2:30. He couldn't sleep so he was downstairs on the computer, I woke up, I guess because I could feel that he wasn't there. So I came downstairs and joined him. I was sitting reading a book while he was surfing when some one began banging forcefully on our door and rang our doorbell. It scared me, I yelled and began running upstairs. As I neared the stairs the person knocked again. We I got my stun gun while Todd went for a weapon.
As many of you may know Todd works for ADT Security. So being in this line of work he has seen a lot and been exposed to things. Our house is laid out to were if you are upstairs or on the main level you can not see the driveway area where we park. So we have 3 surveillance cameras on our house. We turned on our monitor upstairs to see if we could see who was outside(Todd thought maybe ii was the a neighbor kid that saw that we were awake, but I knew they would not bang on our door and risk waking up the kids at 2:30 am) So I decided to call the police and report it. The police said someone else in the neighborhood had also called and said they saw a pickup truck with a man drive off . The police officer said it was most likely just bored teenagers messing around since it was summer.

Well, I told you we have a camera system on our house; however it wasn't set to record. So after that happened Todd told me we should by the other part we need for it to begin recording. So he looked into it and told me I could get the part for about $99. Well I thought about it and decided I didn't want to spend the money.

FAST FORWARD to 6:30 am this morning. Todd wakes me up wanting information on our insurance deductible. Someone stole his Laptop out of his ADT van. So we called the police. So far about 20 people were broken into. In the past kids have taken things out of cars that were unlocked but this time they broke the windows. They were really good the officer said. They got around car alarms and everything. Luckily my car was parked in our garage for the first time in ages. Since we sold our buggy and 2 of the dirt bikes my car now fits in there again.

So you know what I am thinking right.........Had I not been so cheap and bought the thing to record from our camera we would have had these guys on video. We are working with the police and since Todd's Laptop was a Dell, dell has a way of tracking the laptop once someone uses it. The officer told us they had retrieve someones laptop with there system. I hope it turns up and they catch these guys.

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