Monday, August 11, 2008

Broke A/C

Today I kept noticing the house getting more warm as time passed. Fianlly I told Todd that I had the air on 72 but yet the tempature was saying 78 and getting warmer. Todd has a certificate in heating and air from years ago so I finally talked him into checking it and sure enough a part went out on it. He said I would have to wait until tomorrow to get a part but I remembered talking with our neighbor right after he moved in about 2 years ago or so and he said they owned there own heating and air business so off I went. You'll never believe this(Todd couldn't believe it when I came back home)..but our neighbor had the exact part we needed on his work truck. How completely awesome was that. It really gave a new meaning to Love Thy Neighbor!! Thank goodness it will be cool, I told not I would have to get a hotel if our air didn't work. There's no way I can sleep without it. It's hard to believe that when I was growing up there were times when we lived in homes that did not have air conditioning.

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