Sunday, July 27, 2008


If you have never tried this game you have to now. It is awesome. I will say that the full size version is really not any fun at all with only 2 players but if you have 3 -4 players it makes for a great challenge. I have had the kids playing it almost everyday for the past week and then when my parents came over this weekend I begged them to play and we played 3 rounds. I am hooked. They also make the travel size that is for 2 players and the triangle version. Tyler is really good at this game. Sure he spends a lot of time planning out his moves but he sees moves that I do not, he's really pretty good at this. I am so happy I finally bought it. Would you believe I debated spending the money on it for 2 years now?!?!


Heather of Washington State said...

You can also play blokus online!

April said...

Thanks so very much for sharing this with me!!!! I just checked it out and loved it.

Last night I downloaded a free 30minute trial and it was great until the time ended. I think I will have to buy it. My mom also got it for her PSP so she can carry it with her. I think I've got the entire family hooked!