Monday, July 28, 2008

POTD: Day 5: WILD SMILES Dentist!!!

We went to Wild Smiles today and after we
left Megan asked if she could live there.!
It's decorated in over the top awesome Jungle.... zoo.... safari..... theme.
There is a "glass" floor you can see through with a Hippo and her baby under it, a
video arcade "waiting" room (no quarters needed), Thomas trains, puzzles, the kids wear sunglasses while they have there teeth cleaned (blocks the light from there eyes and they get to look cool), puppets
with teeth the kids could brush, Very child friendly staff, also very clean,
reasonable prices(I thought), digital X-rays so less exposure to
radiation. The goody bag at the end is boy or girl themed---for example Megan
got princess toothpaste, princess floss, my little pony stickers, a
safari pencil, and a princess toothbrush.

The pros list is endless. We LOVED it!!!!

The only problem I could find was it's only for KIDS. I wish I was a
kid!!!:):) Oh yeah and the lighting was the trickiest lighting I've ever tried to take pictures in, I wish I would had done a first appointment of the morning so I did not have to combat the sunshine that was coming in., but no need to worry I'll be back.

This picture shows Megan being scared of the glass floor. There was no way she was going to step on it.


Anonymous said...

Are you for real?

That is insane!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and love the hub's pink bag.

April said...

He asked to not carry it, but I told him it was fine everyone would just know that he was there with his wife. I told him I couldn't carry my bags and take pictures. Poor thing, he has not seen this picture yet..... I guess that'll probably be the only time he carries my purse now. Hey once in 15 years isn't bad huh?:)

Jess said...

That's the coolest dentist's office ever! I wish we had something like that nearby.

Carrie said...

This is the BEST office around. This is also where we go to the dentist. Dr. Singh is AWESOME (and kinda cute, in his own way)