Thursday, July 17, 2008

Lego Fans---Storage solutions

Kids love Legos, Parents love Legos, or at least I know I do. They are great to play with, but they are not great: all over the floor, in the vacuum cleaner or when you step on them. So we came up with a solution to this love we have. A few months back I donated a few of my clear plastic drawers from my scrapbook area to Tyler for his Legos. Then we added a pop-up Costco table.

  • Clear drawers the kids can see what is in each one

  • They separate each character or set

  • The 12x12 size drawers are perfect for the how-to books

  • The table is perfect for building space

  • The top of the drawer sets are great to display there work

This is perfect. Really it is. We have had this for a few months without any problems. We also have the K'Nex in these. I use these containers for everything. Yes, I know that this is not the most attractive thing but boy are they functional.

The amount of time the kids have spent playing with Legos makes them almost priceless!


Jess said...

I seriously love the one of Indy and his dad in the motorcycle and side car. Is that supposed to be a German aiming at them?

Christine said...

I love your lego storage! My little guy loves legos!