Thursday, July 17, 2008

Becky Higgins Expansion Kit

As we were pulling in the driveway after spending today at Swan Lake I looked and there on the porch I saw the 12x12 box waiting for me. I swear I was like a kid on Christmas morning!! I could not park and unload fast enough. Once inside Megan helped me cut into the box and she knew right away...I hear her yell "Mom, Becky Higgins!" I think I have her trained very well.

Anyway the kit is awesome! It is so versitle and what I did not know until I got to see the paper is that it is double-sided. Yes, the other side has more. This kit could easily be used for much more than just school days, which is what I had hoped for. This is great too though to add to the school days kit because as a homeschooler we get so many more pictures than what I would have if the kids were in public school. We now have extra paper so we could now easily dedicate an entire page to our field trips for that school year or whatever else we want to. Also we have extra ruled paper so now if me or the kids make a mistake on something we could redo it. I'm so excited!! I can't decide if I want to get right to work on it or spend a little longer looking over all the beautiful colors.

If you would like to see more check out Becky's Blog . Also after receiving my kit today I went and checked and they still had some available so I ordered another one. This is were you can order from(while they still have them, I'm sure they will not last):

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Anonymous said...

I am SO thinking of a second one myself. I love the products as well. I'll probably have too much if I don't and not even if I do, knowing me!

I hope you enjoy it as much as I am! It's really boosted my creativity this summer!