Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Alot of Spring Cleaning

Well I have been at it for weeks. It seems I am always cleaning but yet the house is never clean. Why is that?! It drives me nuts to always battle a never ending job. SO it was time for some changes. I am a pack rat. Really I have always kept everything, in going through stuff I even still had my middle school gym suit, OK that's it, the stuff has got to go!! SO I began with Megan's bedroom and weeded though a lot of her stuff and went through her closet. Would you believe that she now only owns maybe 5 outfits out of a once stuffed closet. NONE of her clothes fit her anymore. When did she grow like that? I'm sure I didn't see it happen.

And then I began Tyler's Room and weeded through it. I still have one small box of stuff to go through in there. Next I will do the kitchen and hopefully get to the boxes of paperwork I keep piling up. I am also hoping to go though my scrapbook stuff and eliminate some of it. Even though I do love all of my scrapbook stuff, I am really wanting to simplify my life as much as I can and is feels like if I think I have too much to deal with then it overwhelms me.

I must say going though there stuff really depressed me so much. For them to not need there little clothes and baby blankets and all there little toys made me so sad. I don't want my babies to grow so fast. I am already missing having a toddler around. It seems like about the time I figure out one stage of there life they are already moving on to the next. This just is not right....

Well anyway....this is a picture of all the stuff I manage to get rid of this round:

A couple of months ago I took an entire SUV full of stuff to the Goodwill. plus over the past 3 years I have been really getting rid of stuff and even giving stuff away to people that had a use for it. SO I think I am getting to where I hope to be. Oh and the little kitchen in the picture I decided I just could not part with just yet. I advertised the stuff on our local home school yahoo groups and i am really hoping that someone will have a use for some of it. Whatever is left in 2 weeks I suppose I will also donate to the goodwill.

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Jess said...

That kitchen is adorable. You're making me tired just thinking about all that cleaning!