Thursday, January 24, 2008

Ebay VeNtS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well I listed my Canon 30D on ebay last week and someone bid. Things have changed there so much. Paypal charged me $25 and Ebay with the .20 listing day charged me another almost $25. So it cost me $50 for an item that ended for $700.
Well that's not the worst part. I have on my listing that I only accept bidders from the United States. Well the person who won had there user ID as listed in the Untied States but they are really in Russia. So I've had to deal with all of that. The person tried to talk me into saying on the form that the package was a gift and only insure and declare the value at $250 because he said in Russia the tax is 50%. SO I had to then email him and tell him no, and that I would only ship it insured hfor the correct amount. He agreed.
No dealing with this ....No that's not the worst part. Todd took the packege to the post office for me right after his lunch break and shipped it. Then at a little after 3:00 I get an email from ebay stating they have cancel the transaction and refunded my $25 ebay fee. Due to the fact that this was an unauthorized transaction on the bidders account!! WHAT!!!!!!
Well Todd has the shipping slip with him at work at a customers house about 45 mins away. So I head to our small town Post office were the camera was shipped out at and tell them what happen. And they were really wonderful and helped me alot. The package had already been sent out from there location because the buyer wanted me to ship it to Russia Express mail($46) The post office said I can not get any of my shipping money back because they have to pay someone overtime at the next location to retrieve the package and get it turned back around to me. So they said my camera will be delivered back to me tomorrow. I have emailed Ebay 3 times trying to get information from them but I'm on edge waiting to hear back. Ebay no longer has a phone # you can call. Probally because all the complaints they would have pouring in.

We have been cheated on Ebay so many times.
2 years ago we attempted to buy a laptop off Ebay. We manged to get all of our money but $170 back through Paypal. They said if the boy ever has any money come into the acct it will go to us. Yeah right he's not going to have money come to it now, He sent us a message from his blackberry and told us we was just a poor college student. And I figured I'd add it the the list of 5 other things we lied about. You wouldn't believe the kinds of stories you will hear on ebay.

Anyway This is the end of Ebay for me. I am tired of the headaches, excessive fees, rudness, and dishonesty.
Stay posted here on blogger for any future items I might be selling.

(I don't know what to do about the 30d or the money from Paypal that is sitting in my checking account for it. I don't want to issue a refund because I don't even know who I'm refunding or who's money it really is. I hope to hear back from ebay soon so I can relax and eat dinner. I am so sick to my stomach)

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Ariana said...

I had a similar thing happen with ebay last year and got so freaking stressed out I haven't been on that site since.

I have a ton of stuff to sell but don't want to be screwed like that again. I don't know what we're supposed to take all these precautions and still get jerked around >:(

If you want to sell your 30D you can try this site called ILP. It's also an awesome place for cc on pictures and stuff. It's:

(I sold my XT there a year and a half ago and got an awesome price for it)