Thursday, January 24, 2008

Catch lights

The kids let me try a couple of fast pictures of them today in the kitchen in exchange for warm cookies. I wish I could have snapped a couple more but this was fun getting to try out the eyes with the natural light in the kitchen. I wish my house had more nice natural light spots but the kitchen is OK with me. I want to practice getting there catch lights off centered instead of in the middle on the pupil. But for today I'm happy to see these. Natural light can be really pretty. I just wish I had more control over how and when it's available to me. I guess that kind of why I want so badly to get my lights to a point were I am really, really happy with them.
I guess later I might see how this one looks with some photoshop on it, But not right now. I'm happy leaving it the way it is right off my camera. It feels so much more natural to me. I love Photoshoped pictures but It feels like I've seen so many photoshoped pictures lately on the Internet that it's like looking though fashion magazines of supermodels. Not seeing heavily processed pictures is kind of nice.

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Ariana said...

This made me laugh because I seriously have one or two places in my house that I always take pictures in because of good light, lol.

I love that picture. Since giving up on photography as a business I'm so drawn to natural portraits. I love love love the look of natural light and normal tones.

I do like "popping" pictures from time to time too, though :)
She's really pretty. How old is she? 4?