Monday, January 07, 2008

Birthday shopping

Megan's 4th Birthday is this coming Sunday. I wish her birthday wasn't right after Christmas, Poor thing.
Well since before Tyler's birthday in August she has been carrying around the princess party page from a Party Express page showing what birthday she wanted. So today we went over to the Party City and ToyRUs. I normally love surprises but not for Megan. She has such a unique personality. So first I let her pick out what party decorations she wanted and we will be having a princess party for the 4th year in a row. Then we went to ToysRUs and decided on what she would like to have. Then when we got home she asked if she could help with the wrapping and she did a great job of helping to hold the paper while I wrapped HER presents. She has such amazing willpower. Now she's using my calendar to count the days until her birthday. She picked out a Pinata and once it was in the shopping cart she guarded it to be sure Tyler would not touch it or mess it up. I laugh at her so much. She seems so much older than she really is. To her everything has got to be by the book. In the store today she walked with me and came when I called her and was not whiny or fussy. She is almost always this way. In her 4 years she never gives me any trouble. I always question how a child can be this easy to take care of. I wish I could see into the future as to what she becomes. I also wish she could stay right here forever. I have not wanted her to get any older from the very first day she was born. And now it's already 4 years later.

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