Sunday, December 30, 2007

Our Christmas

Christmas went by so fast this year. Megan has really enjoyed playing with her loving Family dollhouse(she was so cute during christmas--she had Uncle Billy use his pocket knife to open all of her loving family items). Tyler loved his Bike Ramps and the Green Machine. Although he has gotten the most wear out of his pressure suit for riding his dirtbike. I feel so much better have his as padded up as possible.
My mom was really happy about getting a new set up cooking pans. Billy's PS3 controller starting acting up right before Christmas so he seemed happy to receive a new one.

My dad got an RC plane which he was really happy about. I can't wait until he is ready to fly it. Also me and Todd exchanged gifts this year. I got him a really soft sweater and he got me a longsleeve Alpinestars T-shirt. My mom also gave us an emergency flashlight and giftcard. I love getting together during the holidays and the excitment of the gift exchange.

What I didn't do and wish I would have was have the kids pictures taken with Santa, They did get to talk with Santa but We did not do the big visit with Santa pictures. We did not do it last year either. Boy do I feel like a slacker. Also I did not make the reindeer food. I know it's not that big of a deal but I remember Tyler having so much fun throwing the glitter oatmeal all over everyone one outside.
Also we weren't able to visit with Todd's parents this year either. They had to work and we could not make the trip. This is the first time in a few years we could not be together during the holidays. We really missed them.

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