Monday, December 31, 2007

My dirt bike story--I drove Todd's Honda 125CC

10 years ago if you had asked me if I would ever ride a dirtbike the answer would be "NO WAY! not on your life, never" I thought they were too noisey, stinkey, dangerous, rectless, scarey, etc.

Well this is my story:
5 years ago Todd had a KLR(on road-off road dirtbike, that way he did not need a trailer for it) Well as far as I traveled on it was around the block putting on the back with Todd. I hated it!! It was just scarey to me.
Well then about 2 years Todd got some Honda dirtbikes for him and Tyler. He got Tyler a brand new 50cc right from the Honda shop and threw him on it. The bike tried to go without Tyler on it. Tyler tried a couple of more times to ride it but he just wasn't ready. So I ended up giving it a try and I liked it ok but we decided a Golf Cart would be better for everyone at the time and it was(I'm thinking I really want another one)

Then Justin came to work with Todd and they were discussing wanting to get dirtbikes again since they both use to ride.
Then my uncle had a Family get together this July and he and his son had 2 Kawasaki's. My cousin's was a KLX110, automatic clutch that he let me ride. I loved riding it around his yard.

So sometime after that we were talking and Todd decided to get another dirtbike so that he could ride with Justin at Carolina Adventure World and we found that the kids could drive one of the buggy Go-karts there. And I could drive the KLX110.
Well I quickly discovered how painful the suspension is on the 110 and also I was limited on riding. So I spent alot of time researching another bike, only to discover that to move up I would have to learn the CLUTCH!! So I decided on the CR100 (based on weight, seat height, and tire size) Todd told me to give it a try and we would sell whichever bike I decided I did not want. The first day or 2 on the 100 I was not pleased. I was stalling it and it felt wierd to me. Well after a day or 2 at Carolina Adventure World I picked it up. The suspension was so much more comfortable to my lower stomach.(I thought I would cry after 4 hrs of hitting bumps on the 110).
Well the only thing left was to sell the 110, but that did not happen. Tyler decided he really wanted to learn to ride. He loved the little Green dirtbike. So he gave it a real try. Now it seems as though he was made for riding. He makes almost no mistakes. He's jumping it and flying up to curves, then breaking and sliding. We have not found a challenge yet that he has fear on. He is riding the green trails which are the easy ones with almost no effort and has even gone on the blue trails (alittle harder than green--these are more steep and such) There was one that he said he didn't really like it but no real complaints.
Now back to me. I have learned to jump my dirtbike! No, not off any huge tabletops but small jumps. And then my big news!!!! You're not going to believe this>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>I DROVE Todd's DIRTBIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The thing is huge I have to climb up and have him hold it while I kick it but then I'm off!!!! I was even JUMPING IT!!! Oh the excitement of riding on something that big compared to myself. ( I am 5ft 4 1/2 inches and my leg height is 28 inches.) Yes I kept it in 1st and 2nd gear which on his bike feels like a lot of power. It's amazing how much easier it handles though and it can go over logs that on Tyler's 110 I would have been fired off the seat and over the handlebars if I even attempted it!

This is a big deal for me. I never would have imagined the day I would be able to drive a dirt bike of that size. I honestly can not describe how it feels to achieve something like that. I have been such a low-risk scared kind of person and now to be doing these things---I feel like I am beginning to live and not hide in fear. (I'm not saying it's not scary to think about it still because I still have that oh my goodness "what if..?" I am saying I sometimes worry more than I should)

Now I only ask myself how could I have been missing out on this all my life!!!!
(I still have to take a picture to add for you to see)

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TB said...

Woa, congrats on jumping the dirt bike!
There is such a difference between a 2 stroke and a 4 stroke. We just bought my 7 year old a 2004
Suzuki 110(identical to the klx 110) he loves the smooth power, but he can't do "rips" anymore..compared to even the 50cc 2 stroke, it seems a little less zippy, but much more tourqy..we'll see what he wants next. I think the 65cc 2 stroke, manual clutch, 5-speed was too much for him right now. My wife is STILL looking..she thinks she wants a klx 125.
Ride on!