Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Lapbooking and our Homeschooling update

Well I had seen them but not really done much with it. I have been wanting to switch a lot of our learning over to Five in a Row and Lapbooking type of projects, but I was so unsure where to begin. Well I discovered a FIAR forum that is so unbelievable. The information is endless and the ladies on there have been very kind and helpful to me. They go above and beyond answering my questions. I asked last night about how to Lapbook and they responded with some of the greatest links to information regarding these. I can not say Thank you enough. I can not wait until we get settled into FIAR and "lapbooking" projects. I went to Sam's today and picked up a big box of colored file folders and a big box of paper. I also went by Wal-mart and got 2 of the 10x10 blank spiral scrapbooks. I want to try a little of each and see which one becomes my favorite.
I really think the kids are going to love the change. Although Megan loves the Abeka 4K workbooks a lot of the Abeka was not for Tyler. And this school year I tried some other things out some he liked some he did not.

We LOVE the story books we've choose so far from:
Sonlight Catalog

We like:
Saxon Math
First Language Lessons
Explode the Code
Abeka Readers
The Usborne Book of Science Activities
Some parts of Story of the World(I am going to wait a year or 2 on this, I think the kids will get more out of it then--Sonlight recommends 4th grade for Vol1)

We did not like:
Easy Grammar for grade 2 (I am thinking about trying it next year for grade 3)
Some of the Abeka stuff

There are a few other things we have not come to a decision about.
A Reason for Spelling

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