Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas Shopping

I know I said was not going to be out in the holiday crowds but.....
Tyler got some Christmas money in the mail from Grandma Robyn so we headed to the bank and then searched 3 different stores to find the Star Wars Legos Complete Saga for XBOX 360. He had 1 of them I think part 3 for the PC and he loved playing it but the disc got scratched so the company that makes it is wonderful and said they would send a replacement disc for only $5 well while researching some things on the Internet Tyler and Todd discovered that there was the Complete Saga for XBOX. So should I say he was MORE THAN EXCITED to get money in the mail.
Last night I let him stay up a little late and play it since we got home late from searching for it and then before Bed time he asked if I would lay out his worksheets so he could have them completed before I even got up in the morning and then he would just have to finish the stuff that I have to do with him and then HE COULD PLAY HIS GAME. WOW what a motivator. (You would not believe how much I have disagreed and never encouarge these games but met the guys in the middle on them) And so our school work is finished and he is Playing his game for a little while and I have compete cooperation and peace. You do not always have these things in the world of children! I even had a chance last night to pick up the few gift cards I still needed to get sent out so I do not have to worry about it today. So this worked out perfect for the rainy day we are having today(which is rare here)

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Homeschool Housewife said...

My oldest (also Tyler) loves the Lego Star Wars games. He had 1 & 2for Game Cube and played every chance he got. Our family went in together and got him a Wii for his birthday and of course the complete saga was on the top of his Christmas list! :) I love the Wii version that actually has them wave the controller to have the lightsaber duels, fun and exercise all in one. Plus it is, as you say, a great motivator for getting school and chores done and behaving. And I can get other stuff while he plays because the 3 year old sits with rapt attention and cheers him on. You gotta love all that in one package!