Friday, December 21, 2007

Huge kids

Big was not the right word. These guys have always come in at the 97 percentile at the Dr's office but I was still surprised today.
Todd put batteries back in our scale so it's back up and running , well we won't discuss my weight on here but the kids, my goodness.

Tyler age 7 years 4 mos came in at 63 lbs and 53 inches

Megan age 3 years 11 mos came in at 41 lbs and 41.5 inches

People have been asking Megan what school she attends because she looks like a Kindergartner.

They aren't suppose to be this big this fast. It's makes me sad that Tyler outgrew my lap along time ago and that Megan soon will also. They are not suppose to grow this fast. I feel cheated I tell you!!!!!!! And to think my mom could still carry me at 7. It's no wonder I can't keep this kids in clothes each winter. I can pull off Summer because there shorts just get shorter but Winter pants just get embarrassing as the Winter passes. Come on like I don't buy my kids clothes........

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