Friday, December 21, 2007

Hank the Cowdog!!!!!

I can not remember where I saw it (I believe one of the homeschool blogs I visit) was saying how much there child liked Hank the Cowdog stories. I picked these up and put them back down in the store a few times. Well the other day when we were in Books A million I bought 2 of them to try out. So tonight after we read a few of our Christmas stories I picked up Hank. Everyone likes to gather around while I read out loud to them. Well I will say Megan is not ready yet for Hank so she just wondered off to go play but Todd and Tyler did not budge. We were LAUGHING SO HARD!!!! There were a few times I had to pause from reading to laugh even. This book was eyes watering funny. It was right up Todd and Tyler's alley. I can tell you now that if the other ones are anything like this one(I'm sure it will be) then we are inviting Hank in to be an official member of our family!!!! The one we read tonight was "The Garbage Monster from Outer Space"
You can pick these up at Rainbow Resource or Books A Million (have I mentioned also Books A Million online also offers Free shipping on orders over $25 Plus they often offer $10 off of $50 Plus it is usually cheaper to shop from there website then in-store. I have been very pleased with there online shopping(I can not always say the same for in-store shopping)

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