Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Sunday at Carolina Adventure World

My parents joined us and took some pictures on Sunday. We had a great day except when the tire on the golf cart we rented blew and flung my mom. Her back was hurting that day when it happened But now her neck is also hurting. I keep asking her to go to the dr to have it looked at. I wish she would but she says it does hurt very bad but she thinks it will get better. I also wish they would have bigger better tires on the golf carts they rent out. The tires are the smallest and cheesiest I have ever seen. I do know that we will not be renting one of there golf carts again.

I am still picking up speed on the trails and have gotten use to the clutch. I know I rode the hardest ever because I fell asleep that night before 8pm and was a bit sore the next day. What an awesome way to get exercise!!!!

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