Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Pretend Play 101

Well the kids are forever pretending to be someone or something. They have been doing this for as long as I can remember. Megan gets into role and there she will remain for hours. There is no longer a Megan (she will not even answer me by this name, I must use the character name on that day. Do you realize how hard this can be to keep track of) These are a few of our characters(I will have to try to remember to add the new ones the kids create:

Kitty ----a precious little cat that is as sweet as she can be.(I'll have to check to see if I have a picture)

Puppy------an adorable puppy that is housebroken and does some of the following tricks; Rolls over, hand shakes, scratches fleas, plays dead, chases his tail, barks, laps his water from a bowl, eats his cereal from a bowl at the dining room table, prefers to be led around the house by a leash that looks similar to a belt tied around his waist.

Cami-------A sweet, but a little shy little 8 year old boy we adopted in but I only get to talk to when Megan is away. He likes to do school work and will even clean Megan's bedroom in exchange for getting to stay at our house.

I believe this one's name is Snaggie----- I am a little unsure of his age but I do know he has his own cell phone and plastic Gerber knife. He's handy and loves to help fix things.

Todd sometimes worries about the kids. Tyler never did any of this when he was small but I asked the Dr and he said they are normal and that Megan has an very active imagination. I think it's adorable. Some kids have imaginary friends, these guys are there imaginary friends. They get so tickled and have so much fun with it, And anytime that I play along they get even more tickled to the point they can barely talk to me they are laughing so hard. There is more to this fun but I'll have to share more later and more pictures of all our other kids and pets we have around our house.

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