Friday, October 19, 2007

Best of Becky book!!!

This was cutting it close. I placed my order on Oct 10th with Books-A-Million Online and have been watching for my order to arrive. I had been hoping to have these in time for our trip in Michigan we fly out in the morning at 9am. This morning I began to worry that I would have to leave without them but just a few minutes ago my books arrived!!!!! I was doing the happy dance when I looked out the window and saw my mailman heading up the sidewalk carrying my package. After my books-a-million discount, $10 off coupon, and the fact that they offer free shipping I only paid $50 for all 4 books. I hope I can hold off on looking at these under tomorrow. I glanced through them But I can't wait to sit down and just indulge myself. Books are one of my weaknesses I can't help myself. I just love them.
Well guess I better get back to cleaning and packing for now.......

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Jess said...

You got the organizing book! I want that sooo much, but my birthday isn't until Nov. 26th! And WOW!! What a good price you got! I bought the BH book the day it arrived at my LSS and it was about $35...ouch!