Thursday, August 30, 2007

Visit to Lake Lure

We met up with Todd's parent's for a few days while they were staying at Lake Lure. It was such a nice little break, and nice for every one to get to catch up a little.

While we were there we got to go see Chimney Rock. I wished we could have stayed longer but it was pretty hot and a storm began rolling in not long after we got there. I really want to go back this fall.

We also got to hang out by the pool(this was the kids favorite thing, and I got to hang out for a while and chat with another homeschool mom while Todd kept an eye on Megan, I can not even begin to tell you what a treat this was for me!!!). The pool had a Lazy River ----Tyler Loved this, and a 1 ft kiddie pool-----which Megan did not wish to budge from.

Also, Grandma Robyn had a Tressure Hunt and ice cream cake for Tyler's birthday. He loved the tressure hunt and she did a great job on it. At each clue there was some money along with the next clue.

Everyone had a really good time and hated when it was time to leave. There is something about the mountain air that is just so calming.

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