Sunday, August 12, 2007

Good Bye our sweet Julie

We buried Julie out in the backyard this evening. He's been doing bad for the past several weeks so I knew he would not be here too much longer. I is good to know he is no longer suffering, although still sad. Tyler has had this little guy for almost 3 years(which is how long they say they live usually). It was because of this little Gerbil that Tyler first began sleeping in his bedroom alone without fear. Everyone will miss him; especially Mr Jinx. Mr Jinx always spends hours laying beside Julie's cage. Me and Tyler were crying. I've never been good at things like this. Why is it that kids get pets and it's the mom that gets attached to them anyway? Tyler wrote Julie a little note, but Megan did not really understand until it was bed time and I explained to her that Julie had duties to fill in heaven. She repeated nonstop until she fell asleep that she will never get to feed Julie again. Poor things. Me and Todd told them they could have another one but I really think I would rather they picked something with a longer life expectancy. I would not want to do this every 3 years.

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