Sunday, July 22, 2007

Busy Day today

We began the day with Todd telling me to please go through the items that belonged to me that were still waiting to be dealt with in his garage. So I tackled that with him while the kids played with chalks and and got into stuff. The work was worth it the garage looks wonderful. After than I threw Megan in the tub and she headed to her Nana's house to spend the night with her while I got ready and the remainder of the day began.

First we headed to Summer Slam 2007 which was held by Dutch Fork Christian Church It was so awesome. They brought in a BMX Freestyle team and the stunts were better the the 1980's movie RAD(I don't know if anyone remembers this movie, I downloaded it a couple of weeks again and let Tyler watch it. The picture quality was terrible but there was no where to rent it.) I had a really fun time taking pictures of there many stunts that even included a backwards flip. These guys were so good and made it look sooooo much easier than it really is. They even included a message about all the Bicycle saftey(including protective gear, hand bike signals, bike mantience and checks) and the importance to remainn Drug-Free and for the young people to focus on the postive things that they enjoy doing. My only real regret for the day was that I had a dead battery on my video camera. I hope we will get lucky and have the oppurtinty to see one of there shows again. The other neet thing was the chruch hosted the entire event for free to the public----everything free--the cotton candy---snowcones---facepainting----inflatables-----prizes and giveaways. What a great way to incourage the youth to join the church. They invited us to come to their Sunday morning service and we are thinking of trying it out, although I do wish it was not on the other side of town from where we currently live.

We left there and dropped off my library book and exchanged our Blockbuster movies I love how you can exchange the movies they send you in the mail in-store for free!!!

After all this fun we were starving and on our way to Ryan's( a treat for us, since we do not eat out very often) But on the way I noticed a bunch of Mustangs in the parking lot of the Texas Roadhouse yes there was a car show happening!!!! There was no way we could pass by this. We got to meet some nice people and see some pretty cars. Todd was so happy we drove his Mustang today and were able to share in the event. We ending up eating at the Texas Roadhouse with some new freinds we meet that were members of the mustang car club that hosted the event. Tyler had too much fun having a peanut throwing war with the daughter and son of the some of the people we joined for dinner. I will probably never be able to take him near peanuts again without someone losing an eye. By the time we arrived back home it was close to 9. I was so thankful Megan stayed the night with my Mom and that Tyler got to have such a really fun, action packed day. Megan would not have survied the day.

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