Friday, May 11, 2007

Yeah, New Books

I love the sound of the UPS truck coming down the street because I always know that's the sound of something cool coming my way. Tonight it was the sound of new school books. This year we were using Abeka Phonics for phonics, science, and social studies, and although I do think they offer a great phonics program. Tyler has not enjoyed it and his reading is slow. He's really spent alot of time with so many phonics rules thrown at him too fast. I spent alot of time online trying to decide what to do. I rented Phonics pathways from the library and he said he like and the speed of reading seemed better for him too. I even sat down with Megan and began it with here. And when I checked the Well-Trained Mind this was the program she was recommended prior to writing her own. So that was enough said for me, I placed my order. I also ordered her recommended Story of the World that she recommends. I what Tyler to be exposes to History and Abeka is VERY weak in this area. I also picked up The Kingfisher illustrated Animal Encyclopedia off for $6 shipped. And it arrived fast and in very good condition. So now I am off to go read through some of these books while the guys are out at the drayway.

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Jess said...

You'll love the Story of the World books! I wish I had started out using the workbook. We've loved it and it adds so much to our girls study of history.

We are also trying to improve our 5 year old's reading fluency. I think she just needs to practice more. I love new books too!