Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Good Bye Gilmore Girls?

Gosh I can not believe it, this really snuck up on me. I missed the first few minutes of tonights and a few minutes of last weeks eposide. I thought tonight was suppose to be the season finale not the series finale. I'm so sad to see it end. What happened with Rori and Logan? I'm guessing she broke it off with him? That must be the parts I missed Darn it.
Gilmore Girls was such a really well written happy show(most of the time). It did not have all the bad stuff that is seen on other shows, No everyone cheating on everyone, no drugs, murder, no none of that. It was loving for the most part. Such a nice Mother-Daughter connection.

It brings back memories of when BH 90210 ended, I watched it for 10 years.
It's amazing how these shows become such a part of our lives. What will become of my Tuesday night date with CW? And to add to all this Grey's and Desperate Housewives has not been quite as good the past couple of weeks either. I'm really to throw in the towel. I wonder what the family would say if I said I was selling the TV.


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