Sunday, September 17, 2006

Yard Work finished for now

Well we got most of it finished. Yesterday Todd and I did the mowing. And this morning he pressure washed the house. We dug up the forever growing Juniper shrubs and replaced them with 4 pretty assorted Satsuki Azalea's (Azalea's are one of my favorite bushes) we also planted more of the Lilyturf grasses around the house and around the pine tree. These little grasses are so tuff. The ones we already had have been stepped on and ran over and they still keep going strong. I can't believe it took 12 bales of pinestraw for around the shrubs and tree and we also used the entire 10x100 feet of plastic. We have to buy some more this week to try and get the area beside the house finished. It felt good to do our share of maintaining the apperence of the neighborhood. Everyone's yards looked so great this summer and some even had some beautiful landscaping done. I love riding around on the golf cart and admiring everyone's hard work. Maybe later we will ad a water feature in the area we have beside the garage which is also were we enter and exit the house. My mom has showed me so many great pictures of different pond and waterfalls and she has been working so hard on her Koi pond. I will learn some of this from her, and it will be nice to be able to share our how-tos on how we did our water gardens.

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