Friday, August 25, 2006

GOD hears us.

Last month we went on the Koi Pond tour in Camden with Nana. I wasn't planning to go because I did not think the weather would hold up for it. Well I had spent all week prior to this on the computer researching which home school curriculum we were going to use this school year. I was really stressing it to the point of losing sleep.

So Nana called the day of the tour and said it wasn't raining and that we really had to go with her. So while we were driving from house to house there was a sign for a yard sale so we stopped. Yes GOD heard me. I was able to get over $1500 worth of the Abeka Curriculum for $280. She told me she loved it. She had used it with all 3 of her sons. She explained to me how their program worked and that I would need to order some of the workbooks and a few other books. So I ordered what I was missing on EBay and from Abeka.

This was such a huge stress lifted off of me. I could not beat the price. I got most of grades 1,2,4,5,&6. I figured if we try it this year and decide we do not like it no problem, I could always resell it on Ebay. But after looking over it I really think we are going to enjoy it.

So the UPS truck brought us the last of our books tonight. I am so excited. So for us school begins on Tues the 29th. I know Tyler will enjoy this so much. I even got there Button bear program for 2 year olds for Megan. We started her's last night and she loves it!!!!

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