Thursday, August 24, 2006

Food Network TV

Okay so since I've been really trying to be a good wife and mom lately. I've put the scrapbooking on the back burner lately since the time it takes really frustrates me and I have my hands full with homeschooling and the kids. I've decided to try some hobbies that will benefit everyone immediately. And so this is one that I am trying out. Believe it or not it's cooking.

Todd is forever watching the food network and he has finally lured me in. I've tried a few recipes in the past, some I like and others I did not. In this picture I tried the fried chicken with roasted corn w/ chili lime butter and Cherry Tomatoes w/ buttermilk Blue cheese Dressing that aired on Tyler's Ultimate last week. I took a picture because I didn't think I'd be making the chicken again. And I will say I am only giving this one about 2.5 stars. It cost me about $40 and it was messy and took longer to make than I thought it would. And then when it came time to eat; the chicken tasted ok & I didn't like the spicy corn although Todd did. We agreed that the tomatoes were good and so I will most likely make these again.

Maybe I will figure out how I can put a post on here where I will rate the recipes I try each week.

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