Thursday, May 17, 2012

Our Next History:)

I am so excited about our new History for this coming school year!  I decided on A Living History of Our World Vol. 1 by Angela O'Dell published by QueenHomeschool. I love the story form of it and the student Notebooks!

I also ordered Hands and Hearts American History Kits for some fun add-on projects. I ordered the Early American and the Westward Expansion Kits.

  On the weeks that are not so busy we will also listen to one chapter a week of The Story of the World Vol. 3. The kids Love hearing Jim Weiss read this while they color the pages from the activity guide.  Our local library also offers many great choices for those weeks when we want to add more:) That's the great thing about this curriculum is we can add more if we want to or not if we do not want to:)

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