Monday, May 16, 2011

Lily Fest 2011

Lily Fest 104
Yesterday was the first time we had ever been to Lily Fest or to Landsford Canal State Park.  I must say we had a wonderful time!! The weather was perfect and everything was just so lush and green! There was a bit of a crowd but not too much, actually just enough to make it interesting I thought.  We first made our way down the Nature Trail to the Spider Lily Overlook where there was a biologist answering questions and telling us more about the Canal, Spider Lilies and such.
 Lily Fest 118Lily Fest 155Lily Fest 157
As we were walking away someone spotted a snake that was at the bottom of a tree that Todd had been leaning against so we turned around to see what kind of snake and such. Thankfully it was harmless and was actually even getting ready to shed his skin so he could not even see us. The biologist picked the snake up, told us more about it and let the kids pet him before turning him loose again to continue on his way.  After viewing the Spider lilies we proceeded on along a new trail, being on trails we’d never seen before was such a grand adventure for us. Lily Fest 147
Along the trail Tyler spotted a 13 year Cicada!!! How cool was that!! The sound was incredible down in the woods unlike anything we’d ever heard before. I was glad I had my ipod and that my camera does video so that I could capture some of this.  Hard to believe these will not be seen here again for another 13 years.
  Lily Fest 181Lily Fest 175
As we journeyed on we bumped into some really nice people and a local camera club that was setting up to take pictures of 2 models.  They enjoyed getting to have Hank also be one of there subjects and he enjoyed all the attention! One of the ladies continued to talk with us for some time and said how great it was that we homeschooled and she hopes to one day as well.  Love all the positive response we always get! 
  Lily Fest 275
Along the path we come upon so many amazing textures in the rocks and such that had once been the Canal that was used for transporting to and from Columbia.  On our way back a snake flew across our path faster than I could take his picture, poor thing….We scared him far more than he scared us! 
Lily Fest 302Lily Fest 319  Lily Fest 320  I also got to get some pictures of this rather interesting spider some sort of Fungi growing at the bottom of a tree. I still have to research to find out what this fungus was.
Oh and how could I forget the Bald Eagle and her nest!!
Lily Fest 053
This was the first time we had ever seen a Bald Eagle or Nest in the Wild! It was amazing! I was wishing she was closer to us. That or to have had one of the Amazing Zoom lenses I saw while we were there.  We’ve been many places such as airshows but the ones we saw here were the biggest I’d ever seen. On my wish list is one of those super zooms. I also want a 10mm for a wider landscape pic and a nicer body later.  No hurry as I know there will be time for those expensive toys later. After our hike we got the $3 hot dog special and the kids played on the playground while me and Hank made the uphill hike to get the car. By the time I made it back with the car Megan had managed to slip off the monkey bars and her her ankle. She’s still limping on it today!
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Savories of Life said...

Nice post. Pictures are beautiful. I invite you to follow my blog.

Joi said...

Beautiful pictures. Have you ever been to Swan Lake? It is near Sumter. We love it there. It is the only park in the world to have every type of swan. WE go every spring in fall.

Thank you for stopping by my blog. It is great to meet another SC gal on here. :)

Debi said...

What beautiful pictures! I'll admit I'm jealous of your bald eagle sighting - it's on my nature check list. Would you believe I spent two weeks in Alaska & didn't see one there!! (Thanks for stopping by my blog to say hi!)

See Jamie blog said...

Lovely photos... looks like you all had a great time!