Saturday, April 09, 2011

April 9, 2011 --2 Great Outdoor Events today!!

Boy was today a very crazy, fun, busy day!! It began before 9 of a Saturday morning with a landscape trailer running us off the run.  That got the juices moving! Luckly everything was okay and we headed downtown for the First Annual Trees for Kidz event held at the Robert Mills house.  The kids got to play in trees, plant an Elm tree and learn more about trees.  We had lots of fun!!

After that we hit the downtown library which I LOVE!!! While there we discovered they now carry both Megan and Tyler's favorite books!!! This is going to save me some money, Yay!!!  Then a few errands to Petsmart, Target and lunch at McDonald's before going to the Storybook Painting Party at Pooh Park.  There was refreshments, a petting zoo, finger painting and more:)   The temps today were in the high 80's and humid!!

 Boy, I am tired!!

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