Monday, April 04, 2011

4/4/2011 Exploring around on 2400 Acres

I've been feeling so bad lately that I talked our nature teacher Miss.Chanda into beginning a Nature Swap and then we've barely participated due to the fact that we mostly hike at places like State Parks and you are not allowed to take things from these places. So in an effect to contribute more and do a little true exploring in land that's barely touched I talked to Todd about his friends hunting and farm land.  His family owns 2400 acres of hunting and farm land along the Santee River with many beautiful ponds.  I must admit I was a little nervous about snakes since the hike we took through the woods was so untouched. Had it been just me and Todd it would have been different but I worry about the kids since we do have many venomous snakes here.  I felt a lot better when we decided to explore around the ponds within the cow pasture area(the cows were not currently in this pasture).  While there we met this very nice couple that was fishing and let Tyler and Megan borrow their fishing rod and was so patient with helping them to fish.  Tyler caught 4 bream and I'm not sure who was more excited Tyler or the nice man helping him.  Oh the cheers and smiles or excitement that came from them!  Megan tried very hard to catch her first fish and while she cast the rod wonderfully she got a snag and broke her line.  Was she bummed? Yes, very!! She's been begging me to take her fishing all year as she's been asking to experince some of the things I enjoyed as a child.  No worries that she didn't get a fish today as I've promised her that I will take them fishing this summer at Sesqui State Park.

We picked such a beautiful day to go as there was an amazing wind blowing with bright blue sky's and temps in the 80's.  The trees there were beautiful and field's so green. I kept thinking what a beautiful place to take family portraits if only it wasn't such a drive it seemed.  I enjoyed it so much and it was not so easy leaving to come home.

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