Friday, December 03, 2010

Reminder to self

I really want to try to make one of these for Megan's room: no-sew-book-sling

Megan and I have been discussing redecorating her room.  She still has a lot of her nursery decor from when she was a baby. She's now almost 7 so maybe it would be fun to give her room a makeover.  Now just to begin getting ideas:)  ....I think this little book sling would be great beside her bed instead of her having a bed full of books every night.(one problem thought that I might have is that I am constantly rearranging all the rooms in the house due to slight OCD).   

This spring/summer I decorated the bonus room for Tyler. It was such a great room and looked so nice.  But guess what??? He never wanted to sleep in it because it was downstairs, away from our rooms and he swore there were spiders in the room that might get him!  So that didn't last long! We had to move everything back into his old room.  I do like having everyone's rooms close together at night but gosh it was a nice room! On the bright side Todd loved getting the room I had painted to use as a TV get away for himself:) 

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Hodgepodgemom said...

Hi! I really like the idea of the no-sew book sling! I answered your question about the pine cone notebook pages - thanks for stopping by Hodgepodge :)