Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Today's Blessing and the making of a local Commercial

A friend invited us to our local college extension because they were filming a commercial to advertise an upcoming Fall Festival that will be taking place the end of Oct.   I thought the kids would just be there on the property so that it looked busy since it was a weekday afternoon, but it turned out that they were IN the commercial.   Ty did not realize it would be something that will be on TV for everyone in the state to see.  He was shocked when we were talking about it on the car ride home.   He's now so excited and can not wait to see himself on TV.     
 We were talking today on the car ride home about how fortunate we are to have the opportunity to have such a flexible schedule and to be able to take parts in these type of things.  He says he sees how lucky he is but I know really that he has no idea, as he's not had the real experience to compare it.   Homeschooling is a blessing to us in so many ways.  Today's blessing was in getting to again take part in a community activity and not be rushed, we even helped out with the taking down of the decorations afterword.   We got to meet the Director and his wife who were great to chat with and I learned of some more educational opportunities that we will be taking part in .  Then after that we headed over to the Farmer's Market that is on  the same property and talked with the vendors once again and learned new things.  We spoke with the lady about the different types of Mums and how to care for them and even brought a few home.  We spent some time talking with a lady that sells soap and she discussed with us her soap making process in which she uses a cold process and things like Olive Oil.  It was yet another great day:)

This is a link for Cold Process Soap Making in case anyone else was wondering about this:)

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