Thursday, October 21, 2010

So much fun at the SC State Fair

Again this year we had such a great time at the SC State Fair. This year we decided not to ride any rides for several reasons actually. We did: however, that full advantage of all the wonderful shows the fair had to offer. The theme this year was strongly dog related. There were Wild West Chihuahuas, High Flying K-9's that caught Frisbee's, a dog that Hypnotized people, a white tiger and so must more.
The exhibits were great as well. The fair was celebrating 100 year of Scouting so there was a great booth dedicated to the Boy/Club scouts. The kids got to have fun racing the pine derby cars, tying notes, and much more. We also got to shop at a few of our favorite festival spots such as the Beef Jerky shop, the Bulk Candy place and even got a great deal on some wonderful Usborne Books. It was such a long day but we had such a great day together:)

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