Friday, October 08, 2010

Early Farm Life at the Museum

Today we got to attend another excellent field trip at the Lexington County Museum.  Today's topics where Early Farm Life and Early Games.   The kids got to learn about the types of animals seen on a farm and what each animals purpose was to the farm.  They got to learn about what tools would have been used on a farm and they got to practice planting some corn and processing(I guess that's the right word to use) of the corn.  We learned that in those days children would have gone went to the corn field and made their own dolls from dried corn husks.  We then got to play some Early Games which included Horse Shoes, Tug-O-War, Jump Roping, Pick up Sticks and many more from the 1700s and 1800s.   We all had so much fun I really wanted to just stay the entire day:)  


Wendy said...

That was a great field trip! The boys are ready to go back for more Tug of War ;-)

(They're still cleaning up their environment - picked up trash at the picnic we went on today. I love the lessons that stick!)

April said...

It was!! I loved it!!!! Tyler and Megan loved the games too---We have to try to set up some games like this and have a park play time one day for the kids:) They would enjoy it so much!