Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fall Decorating Blog Party

I Love Blog hops.  There's always so many creative people that take part in these.  I would love to begin joining in one day.    So far I have not decorated as that is such a weakness for me.  I feel like I have no idea where to even begin. I worry things would not look right and might feel cluttered on top of the fact that I am so indecisive, another thing I am trying REALLY hard to work on. I am forever rearranging the house and then thinking well I might want to just sell the house and buy a new one. So my house is very simple and plain. I do not even have pictures on the walls.  So I am putting this on my goals list:)

The Inspired Room

Hooked on Houses

I do love these ideas that she shared on this blog:
Timeless and Treasured   So I think I'm going to give this little decorating project a try.  If I mess up no big deal as I'll only be out less than $20. I can handle that:)

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