Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hank the Cowpup--Growing up!!

At a year and a half old he's finally becoming a really good dog:) While he is still stubborn as a mule; he no longer eats the walls! Would you believe a shoe can sit by the back kitchen door for an hour and remain unchewed! If we are sitting at the dinner table he is quietly waiting under someones chair in case we should need his assistance with crumb droppings. If we are doing our school work he is there either laying on my feet or licking Megan's toes. When we call him to come in....He comes!!! No more having to play the open and close the door trick 30 times to get him to finally make up his mind to come in. When the kids are riding their bikes around there track in the back yard again he's right there running a step or two in front on them. If we say it's time for a walk he's there ready for his harness. If we ask if he wants to go out to play he runs and waits by the back door. Yes, he still believes the cats are his friends and WANT to play with him...I guess we will let him continue to believe that.

Todd told me that dogs as they get older they get better. I did not believe him but I'm finding out that he may just be right about this.

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deb duty said...

He is so cute! Our Jack Russell is about nine years old now so she has calmed down, but compared to other dogs she still acts like a puppy!