Monday, December 14, 2009

Positive story in the news-- "Help Portrait"

Well I NEVER get up early and turn on the TV but since I was awake coughing once again I came downstairs and turned on the TV; guess the Lord said April get up and get your tail down there:). Well Chanel 19 had a story about a man named Jeremy Cowart. Jeremy is a Nashville Photographer that began This movement is to help the less fortunate during the holiday season. The idea is to get a group of photographers together to take portraits for those that Need them (single moms, families struggling to make ends meet, homeless, Cancer or sick patients, people in recovery, etc --you get the picture). The photographers get together at a set time during the holidays and the people come out and have there pictures taken for FREE including the printing that they get to take home with them. Listening to the Photographers and families speak just now really touched my heart, this is something I want to achieve in my personal photography--While I know I can not do this for 2009 I hope to be one of those photographers in the upcoming years. One guy on there this morning was in rehab for drugs and wanted a picture to give his mom for Christmas and to let her know he is turning his life around and means it. He said seeing the picture of himself Smiling helped him see himself in a more postitive light.Another families little boy was battling Cancer and she said the picture was so important to them because you never know when that could be the last picture you ever take (so very True)There were also homeless people on there and more. Oh and also people volunteered to do hair and makeup for them so this was the first time many of these people had ever seen themselves "beautiful"--they had tears. Is that not the sweetest thing!?!This is another link about it: I am sure there are more.This is such a positivie thing that he has begun and I think it has the power to impact lives, and I do want to be a part of this and hope other photographers will join in as well. I checked their website and only a few photographers from the Columbia area are on there so far but I feel certain it will continue to grow.

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