Saturday, February 07, 2009

Feb 7, 2009

Six more weeks of Winter? Maybe not Mr Groundhog

I have always loved Groundhogs Day and hearing if he will see his shadow or not and as expected he predicted 6 more weeks of winter and I was worried he was right but then you see this wonderful site at the Wal-mart. It's the sign that spring is near. And then the weather forcast this morning is telling me 67 today, 72 tomorrow,64 Mon, 67 Tue, and 73 on Wed----YES, I will take it.


Joi said...

I am definitely ready for warm weather. Just remind me that I said that when it is 100ยบ outside. LOL.

I never thought to use the window markers!! I use dry erase markers and have to wipe the doors off when I am done. One time I didn't and it left a little grease stain. It came out after washing the window twice.

Michelle said...

Hi April, I just saw you as a follower on my blog, and I had to come here to take a peek at yours. Love your pictures, and it's a joy to see your kids and your new puppy!!! Your kids are the same age as mine and also sweet. Your P365 seems to be going well! I just printed nearly a whole month of pics so I have some catching up to do! Take care!

Cindy said...

I know, it's so funny. The weather just can't make up it's mind!
Thank you for keeping up with my blog. Sometimes I get the feeling that not that many people read it, or maybe they just don't comment.
I am trying to keep up with Project 365 too. Did you get a kit? I didn't. I was going to wait to order one, but then all that mess happened. I'm still not sure if I like it better or not. I think I'll miss the traditional way of making layouts. I really wanted to try it though. What are your thoughts about it so far?