Monday, January 26, 2009

Jan 26, 2009

New Coat for Hank

It's just too hard to decide on a favorite picture for today so here are some extras: He was so good in this picture!! I have been working with him in the house on Sit and Stay, well I was so surprised when he followed my command outside with the distractions of the kids and the neighbors and there dog. He stayed and waited while I backed away taking his picture with my zoom lens. He did not budge! How cool is that!!!!


Scrapronicity said...

He is the cutest!! Does he realize that ball is bigger than his body? LOL Great photos!

Joi said...

Hank is adorable! I love the picture with the soccer ball.

We are along the Grand Strand. I am not sure where Elgin is. I will have to look it up.