Saturday, January 03, 2009

Great Journal Starters

Just thought I'd share the link to some ideas for journaling your life in case anyone else was interested. She did a great job coming up with these":


Karen Maree McCown Young said...

Thanks for your comment and link April! I wish I could take credit for the Journal Jar questions but I came across them about 10 years ago but don't remember who I got them from. Great way to start off the new year though!

Heather said...


I tried to answer your post regarding transparencies on 2Peas and I couldn't get logged on. UGH. Anyway, wanted to let you know that Making Memories has some. I think they call them Clear Creations. Here's what is inside each book of Clears:

Each book contains 20 4" x 6" transparent sheets
Includes: 8 photo overlays, 12 titles, 8 quotes, 8 definitions & 28 tags
Archival safe

They are separated by themes.

Happy Heart Princess said...

I have journaled off and on over my life - wish i had done more of it - my gratitude journal is the life changing thing i have done and i try to continue that on a regular basis