Sunday, December 28, 2008

Becky Higgins 365 day kit

Well as all the dedicated Becky fans know her new kit is the project 365. I goes on sale Jan 1st. I have been counting down since my CK magazine came around 2 weeks ago. Check out Becky's blog for videos showing the contents and how-to's of this kit:

Things I love so far about there kits:
  • There's extra in the kit so if I make a mistake it's okay, I was a little worried about that at first
  • Everything is pre-coordinated for me(no need for me to stress if something matches or if it looks right together
  • the kit comes with everything I need to complete my scrapbook, except for the album and the other basics like adhesive
  • It ships right to my door
  • I feel like I get a lot for my money, the kits average around $40 plus shipping which has been between $10-13
  • Also I am saving money and time by not browsing and buying things I will not use, also I do not even have to drive across town(therefore saving gas, wear on my car and time) or go to 4 different scrapbook stores to find what I want/ need to complete my album, it's all right there in the kit for me. I have also began purchasing the We R Memory albums on line from Ritz Camera

The only cons to the kits have been some of the customer service employees and the mistakes made with shipping. Also some things such as spelling errors in the kit, But i think it's still some what new and that things will improve over time. Also If you decide later you want the kit or if you can not afford to buy the kit when it first releases you can not buy it later(unless you pay the increased Ebay price) But I guess by only making so many of the kits they do not have inventory sitting and they are able to come out with all the nice new kits each month. So I think this will be my new thing!

So my birthday present this month will be Project 365, I can't wait!


Karen Maree McCown Young said...

I love Becky Higgins... everything. She's amazingly talented. Try out her yummy recipes if you haven't already; they're fabulous!

Chris said...

I love your site!! There are sooo many wonderful sites on the side! Thank you for your hard work!!