Saturday, October 04, 2008

Why we decided not to camp out tonight

The kids were asking me if they could go out back this morning when they woke up to gather firewood for our camp out, but I asked them to please wait and let there dad do it in case there was a spider or snake. I woke up at 3 am having a nightmare about snakes trying to get us, in my dream they were around the house and I was trying to warn Tyler when I woke up completely frightened and could not go back to sleep.

Well the next thing I know this morning after breakfast Todd came in and said "You know, we're not camping tonight" I asked "why, what did he see". He told me he had just killed a snake. When he opened the garage door this baby snake was right outside the doorway on the driveway and went to head for the pine straw so he killed him. We have so many deadly snakes here. Our neighbor just had to get a snake out of his pool a few weeks ago and then back in spring Tyler picked up what appeared to be a little dead worm in the neighbors driveway, but it turned out to be a really, really small snake. I almost died when I looked and saw what Tyler was holding.

While doing some searching on snakes I found a few links. This one shows venomous reptiles based on your state:

We were just saying again how much we really want to buy a bunch of land but you know I'm not so sure if I really want to or not.
Also when I think about how much I like hiking the mountains....this boys story made me have second thoughts: WARNING --Pretty Graphic Pictures:

You know I've always been all about being outside and exploring nature but sometimes it's a little scary. I also know that I am suppose to put my trust into the Lord to protect us, but I'm not sure that he really wants me out stomping around stirring up any trouble in the nature world either :) I think it's about time I ordered that Snake Away!


The Giggles Family said...

Yikes! Snakes in the yard.... the worst we've had is a huge fat toad....
I'd stay inside too :)
Daxter (9) is wanting a snake... we are looking at getting a Ball Python. I'd rather have it in a tank than in my yard :)

Jessica said...

Oh yeah, that's scary!!!

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed your blog. We are homeschooling in SC as well and always appreciate insights into others' experiences.
It looks like you found a juvenile Hognose but it is difficult to tell whether it is an Eastern or Southern variety. They are nonvenomous and while known for their elaborate defense mechanisms (hissing, puffing up, fake-striking) they virtually never bite. Hognose primarily eat toads.

Here is our blog and an example of a lizard and snake we found earlier this summer. ID-ing critters has been a great part of education for the kids. It's amazing what's in a yard.
Sorry for the lengthy comment. Great blog!
-Daniel K

April said...

Hi Daniel K,
Yes, you are right about it being a Hognose. That same day I emailed it to a snake person and that was what he told me so I was able to relax a little. I will visit your blog... Thanks for sharing.