Friday, October 17, 2008

State Fair 2008

We got to see a really great Sea Lion show!!

We got a great lesson about honey bees and bee keeping. Tyler was really interested and the lady took the time to answer all of our questions and even said she comes out to schools to give lessons. The other people there with her also homeschool and they said one of there young beekeepers is a 10 year old boy that homeschool and has a small hive he takes care of. How neat is that.

Tyler got to be one of the people called to the stage to help out with the Mad Science CSI investigation. Even though I do not let him watch CSI at home he still got to enjoy this show at the fair and they did a really good job on it. I wish I would have video taped all of this.

This was sand sculpture that was a part of Brookgreen Garden's Display building. Oh they had such pretty things and it was so peaceful at this part of the fair compared the the very loud events outside.

Megan sliding without a carpet--thank goodness she did not get bruned.
Tyler on his first Rollercoaster.
More rides..

There was so much to see and learn about at the fair this year. The only part I did not like were the guys running the fair. One of them literally grabbed Megan by her arm and throw her into the seat on the ride after she had already rode it twice and wanted off....thank goodness the other man there working got her back off. She came back to me with a hand print and a scrapped up elbow.......I would have complained but at those places no one cares. some of the ride guys were even leaning back in there chairs sleeping. It was the worst I have ever seen for ride workers. But I guess I haven't been in close to 15 years and times have changed everywhere so I should not expect too much. I will say though almost everyone else we met were so very nice(I guess too because a lot of them were local people that are usually friendly anyway----The ride workers were not even from America judging by there troubled English, etc)

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