Thursday, September 25, 2008

Locks of Love

I have begged Megan for so long to cut her hair but even talking about it will bring her to tears. She says long hair is pretty. Well this morning she sat with me and we looked through my blog and she saw pictures from when she was younger and had her hair short. The next thing I knew she went to the bathroom and brought me a pair of scissors begging me to cut her hair so she could be my little girl again. (sorry to say that haircuts do not really turn back time) But there was no way I was going to argue with her. I jumped in the shower and we took off to the hair salon. Well I knew her hair had grown alot and I always thought that he had done a lot of work taking care of it and wanted her to be able to give to Locks of Love. So to get the 10 inches we had to go REALLY short in the back. But believe it or not she loves it and everyone at the salon kept telling her how cute it was on her. And she was excited that her hair will get to go to help children that do not have any.

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