Saturday, August 09, 2008

POTD Sat Yard Sale finds

Well we did not plan to go to any yard sales this morning when we woke up. Todd and my Dad told a lady they would look at her car for her because she was having some trouble with it so while they were doing that me, my mom, and the kids thought we would get some things from the grocery store to make for lunch. Along the way we got side tracked.

Tyler and Megan got a set of Rollerblades in very good condition for $1 per pair(these were on his birthday wish list):

Megan found an assortment of Beanie Babies in near new condition. We got all 52 of them for $25. Megan is such a stuffed animal kid. She will play with animals for hours. We sat down in her room and went though what all of there names were.

I thought I had found a great deal on a push mower for my dad. A man was selling mom that looked like new. He said he just bought it last summer but something went wrong with it but he did not know what. He said he did not know how to fix things and since they were moving he did not have the space to store it, bluh bluh bluh. So I gave him $20 for it. I get home and the guys said you better hope it doesn't have a blown motor. Sure enough it did. The man had never put oil in it. So I got the guys to help tear it apart and pull all the good stuff off. I am going to try and put the good stuff on ebay to hopefully get my $20 back.

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