Monday, August 04, 2008

POTD: Day ? : Picture of Pictures

I love pictures I do, I think about them all the time. But the sad part is that since June of last year I have only printed pictures twice. Once for our Christmas cards and a few extra pictures for family and friends and then for National Scrapbook Day I printed some for scrapbooking that weekend. That's it. I told you ....Kind of sad, I can not even believe I am admitting it to the world.

At one time I was printing my pictures using Winkflash because they had a CD program, so I didn't have to deal with uploading(that stuff takes so long). Well then I guess I just stopped, lazy I guess.

Well our local Sam's does a pretty good job I think(yes, sometimes I think they print a little dark but overall I like them) And another great thing I like is the Matte finish. With the Matte finish I do not have to worry as much about having my fingerprints show on the picture--this is great for scrapbooking because when I scrapbook I really handle my pictures a lot more than I would if they were just going into an album. Also instant gratification--both times I have gone they have had them ready for me in less than an hour. While digital is great and I love to know I can store and print whenever I want.....there's some problems with that I haven't been printing. I love to see my pictures printed--they look so much better than on the computer. I love to hold them.

I have got to force myself to go get pictures printed at the end of every month so that I am not backlogged and overwhelmed!

Today I printed 363 4x6's plus some 5x7's. I even got a few 5x7's in Black and White....I know it seems with black and white I often hear people say either they love it or they hate it..weird huh? Anyway I LOVE black and White pictures....I think I have said that a lot of times before.

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Jess said...

Wow! That's a lot of photos! We print ours at Sam's, too. I like their machine that lets us choose wallet size. That way I can fit more photos on the page and there is a double of every photo to send to family and friends or use for a special project or let the kids use for their scrapbooks.

I like black and white photos, but I can't imagine being one of those people who make all their albums in b/w. Have you tried printing any in sepia? When we do photo shoots of the kids we usually print a few out in sepia. It's lovely.