Friday, July 25, 2008

POTD Day 2--A rose for you

Well I'm not sure about everyone else, but I love flowers. When I was younger I didn't think fresh cut flowers from the store made since. I always told Todd to never buy me flowers because they would just die and I would rather have something that lasted.

Well now being older and wiser I have a new perspective on things. Nothing lasts forever and I love the joy of seeing the flowers each day as I enter my kitchen. Knowing someday they will be gone I know to enjoy them while I have them. I love the pretty colors and the smell. There is a feeling about them.

Me and my mom (and the kids of course) stopped by The Fresh Market on our way home and they had a sale on roses. 1 Dozen for only 6.99. They had all colors pink, red, white, yellow. This day I picked red. This is the first time I have had Roses in over 15 years. Usually I buy the carnations. Yes, that's right I bought myself roses.
This picture I actually took last night. The sunset was coming in the kitchen window and it made the rose petals just glow. I could not wait to capture it.

These are a few more. I played with photoshop a little:


Jess said...

I used to only like fake flowers as well because I didn't like live ones dying. Then I realized that eventually fake ones clutter up your house and you feel guilty about getting rid of them.

Your photos are beautiful!

April said...

So true, and also the dust from the fake flowers bug me so bad, it's just not the same.

Thank you!!!!

Anonymous said...

Great photos...I buy myself flowers regularly! My man buys them for me to, but I'm out and about for the "good deals". I just pretend they are from him...he's buying them, after all!

On that last, one, try photoshopping the small bruised vein on that front petal. You'll be amazed. Just do it the same way you would for faces.

Beautiful work!