Saturday, June 28, 2008

Annual Used Homeschool Book Sale

The Annual Sale the REACH holds each year is certainly one of my favorite days of the year. This year I took all the Abeka stuff I had that I knew I wouldn't used anytime soon and also some other books. Although I didn't sell much, I did come home with some good deals once again.
I added up how much these items would have cost me had I ordered them from Rainbow Resource and (my 2 favorite onlince book buying stores) and the total came to $700. I only paid $125 for all these wonderful books. I LOVE THIS!!!!! The thing I was most excited about was when I found Learning Language Arts through Literature. I got the Red and BLue with all the readers for only $18. The only thing missing is the workbook for each one. No big deal. I wanted to try this one out last year and had been debating it this year too but did not want to spend all the money on it to decide I didn't really like it. I am so excited. ALso while we were there my mom made a friend and Tyler also got to make a few new friends.

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