Saturday, March 01, 2008

Home Depot Day

We had a good day at the HomeDepot kids workshop. Megan doesn't really like the sound of the hammers but she was a good sport for us. They love playing with the cars they made. Also while we were there we met another mom that has 2 little girls and are planing to homeschool, so I shared some informetion with her and we exchanged emails. Also one of our neighbors were there. They have a little boy Tyler and Megan's age and we also exchanged information and are planning to get together for some playdates on the weekends. Right now he is attending a private school but they are really wanting to be able to homeschool in a few years.

I love that we live in a state where homeschooling is so accepted and common. I have heard people on some message boards where homeschooling is frowned upon but not here. Here in South Carolina when we tell people we homeschool the feedback we receive is always postive.

Also just wanted to add that I really like this picture of Tyler. The first thing he did when he opened his kit was head straight for the directions.

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